Official Rules

27th Annual Rappahannock Rockfish Derby (2022)

DERBY DATES:  November 25-26, 2022 (Friday & Saturday).  Teams may fish on either day or both days of the Derby.

TEAMS:  A team is defined as a team boat and up to eight anglers including a Team Captain. The captain must be at least 18 years old and must always be on the boat when fishing.  Each team must fish out of the same boat on each day of the Derby.  Crewmembers may not change teams during the Derby.  Unregistered spectators are not allowed on the team boats when fishing.

ELIGIBLE FISH:  Rockfish (Striped Bass) 20” to 36”.  All fish must be legally caught by hook and line as described by VMRC regulations.

DAILY CATCH:  Teams may weigh-in up to three (3) rockfish per day.  The captain must choose which fish to be weighed in.

DERBY CHAMPION ($600):  A minimum cash prize of $600 will be awarded to the person who catches the largest rockfish by weight.  Prizes for 2nd place ($250) and 3rd place ($150) will also be awarded.  Only one person per team can win a prize.

TEAM BONUS ($150):  A cash prize will be awarded to the team that catches the greatest combined weight of rockfish weighed-in from both days.  Any fish that qualifies for the Derby championship, 2nd place, or 3rd place are excluded.

YOUTH CHAMPION ($50): A cash prize will be awarded to the youth who catches the largest rockfish by weight.  To qualify, a youth must be under age 16 as of November 25, 2022.  Any fish that qualifies for the Derby championship, 2nd place, or 3rd place are excluded.

REGISTRATION:   The registration fee is $40 per adult or $20 per youth.  Fees must be paid by 10:00am on Friday, Nov 25.  The registration form and payment should be mailed or delivered to Greenvale Marina, 137 Fairweather Lane, Lancaster, Virginia 22503. 

Make checks payable to “Greenvale Marina.”

FISHING BOUNDARIESFishing is allowed on the Rappahannock River and its tributaries between the Norris Bridge (White Stone) and the Downing Bridge (Tappahannock).

FISHING HOURS:  6:00am to 4:00pm – Lines in not sooner than 6:00am.  Any boat that is in Greenvale Creek at 4:30pm and is proceeding directly to Greenvale Marina will be eligible to weigh fish. 

WEIGH-IN:  The official weigh station is Greenvale Marina, 137 Fairweather Lane, Lancaster, Virginia 22503.  Fish must be brought to the Greenvale Marina weigh station on the team boat by way of water unless authorized by Derby Director (refer to Disabled Vessel rule).  Ties in weight will be determined by the earliest time weighed. 

DERBY COMMUNICATIONS:  All communications before and during the Derby will be by cell phone or text message.  The captain or a designated teammate must register a cell phone number.  The cell phone must always be charged and in the boat while fishing.

SAFE & RESPONSIBLE BOATING:  Greenvale Creek is a “No Wake” creek.  Teams shall proceed through Greenvale Creek and its channel in a safe and orderly manner.  Any team traveling through Greenvale Creek in an excessively fast or dangerous manner may be penalized or disqualified.

WEATHER:  Participants must make their own judgments whether to fish under the prevailing weather conditions based on the size and seaworthiness of their boat, their seamanship skills and any other factors.  If there is a Small Craft Advisory on the Rappahannock River, fishing will be cancelled for the hours listed in the Small Craft Advisory.   Notification to captains will be by text message.

CANCELLATION:  Only one day of fishing is necessary to make the Derby official.  If fishing is cancelled on both Friday and Saturday, a one-day tournament will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2022.

DISABLED VESSEL:  In the event a vessel becomes disabled during the Derby (during Derby hours or at port), the captain must notify the Derby Director as soon as possible and await further instruction.  Good Samaritans who assist a disabled vessel may be granted extra time at the Derby Director’s discretion.

SEPARATION OF VESSELS:  At no time during Derby fishing hours is a vessel permitted to approach another boat unless authorized by the Derby Director or in emergency situations. 

PICTURES & PROMOTION:  Derby participants consent to the Derby’s use without payment or restrictions, any photographs taken during the Derby, of the captain, teammates, or boat for any purpose whatsoever. 

PRIZE POOL:  The greater of $1,200 or 60% of total entry fees, will be placed in a cash prize pool to be distributed after the final weigh-in on Saturday.

BENEFICIARIES:   the Greenvale Creek Maintenance Association is the beneficiary of the undistributed prize pool.

RISKS & WAIVERS:  Derby participants accept the risks and dangers involved in such activity, and they acknowledge that unanticipated or unexpected dangers may occur.  Participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless:  Greenvale Marina LLC,  and Greenvale Creek Maintenance Association including their officers, directors, members, committee members, assigns, sponsors, lessees, agents, and employees from any and all liability for any  claim, loss, injury, damage, demands, actions, choses in action, costs, accidents, libel, slander, negligence and/or death suffered by any teammate, boat and/or other persons which may occur during their term of participation in the Derby. 

DISQUALIFICATION:  All participants agree to abide by Derby rules and decisions of the Derby Director.  The Derby Director reserves the sole and absolute discretion to disqualify any fish, captain, teammate, or team at any time.  Any disqualification will result in the forfeiture of Derby fees.

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